Regular domestic cleaning with a minimum 2 hour clean.


For your peace of mind we only employ fully-vetted and insured cleaners.

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House Cleaning Service Tyldesley

A clean home is a better place for everyone. We believe that it leads to greater well-being.

Our staff are fully trained, insured and vetted.

PowerDusters can take the stress out of housework if you value your time.

House Cleaning

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PowerDusters domestic cleaning service Tyldesley have been offering domestic cleaning agency services for the last few years.

We offer the following services: House cleaning service Atherton, Wigan domestic cleaners, house keeping Leigh, home cleaning Westhoughton, cleaning services Hindley and Lowton together with house cleaning Worsley and Boothstown.

PowerDusters understands that clients have high standards. This is why we tailor our house cleaning services to meet your needs.

Oven Cleaning

Office Cleaning


Local workers are employed for domestic cleaning with strong connections to the community.


Flexible work hours include evenings, weekends, and early mornings


Domestic cleaners are also available to do laundry, ironing, and change beds. Just Ask!


We will provide all costs before we begin your home cleaning service. There are no hidden charges!

Hiring a professional house cleaning service like PowerDusters is an excellent way to increase your home’s cleanliness. The services that we offer are often more affordable than you might think.

You may also find some additional services that you would like included in your regular cleaning. When selecting a company like PowerDusters, then ask if they have a guarantee. A reputable company will be happy to answer your questions. If they do not, look elsewhere. You can also ask them if they can clean a specific area.

The cost of standard house cleaning services varies depending on the area of your home. Rates in London are higher than in Manchester or Newcastle. A two-bedroom apartment in London could cost between £60 and £180. Hourly rates work well for smaller spaces. Larger homes are better cleaned by teams than by a single individual.

However, some jobs are best left to professionals, so you should discuss the cost with the cleaning company before hiring them.Most house cleaning services charge between £18 and £60 an hour. The cost will vary based on the amount of cleaning required and the number of cleaners. Hourly rates are higher when the service is hired by the hour, while weekly rates will be lower if you have a larger house.

If you need regular cleanings, you can consider biweekly or monthly services. The cost of standard house cleaning services depends on the size and number of cleaning workers required.There are different types of house cleaning services, each paying close attention to specific parts of the home. As a result, the rates will vary as well. General house cleaning includes sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. It also includes sanitising bathrooms and kitchens, and tidying up common living areas. It can cost £70 or more per hour, depending on the type of house cleaning you require and the location.

Here at PowerDusters we charge just £15 per hour based on a minimum 2 hour clean.

The cost of standard house cleaning services varies widely between companies. Larger companies charge more for their services, while smaller companies typically offer lower rates. While hiring a cleaning company will save you money, it will also require more manpower and higher insurance costs. As with any service, it is always important to get several quotes before making a decision. Ask for a price list and a walkthrough to compare prices.

You can also choose which areas of your house are most frequented. Selecting only high-traffic areas will help you reduce the overall rate.If you’re planning to hire a cleaning service, you should ask them for a list of tasks they perform on a regular basis.

This list will help you set expectations and determine whether they’re being performed satisfactorily. Standard house cleaning services usually cost less than a deep cleaning and require less manpower than the more intensive one. And if you don’t mind paying a little more for an extra service, you’re better off in the long run.

The cost of standard carpet cleaning services varies depending on the level of cleaning you need. If your carpet is generally clean and has a few dirty spots, there won’t be much work for the cleaning service, while if it’s in need of a deep carpet cleaning, the costs will be higher.

Additionally, some cleaning companies specialise in specific areas or structures of your property. The cost of standard house cleaning services is also dependent on the size of your home and the type of cleaning you’re hiring.

Cost of add-on servicesYou can save money on cleaning supplies by hiring cleaners who already have the supplies you need, and you can also choose which products work best for your home. Many companies allow you to choose the add-on services you want, and you can often get discounts if you sign up for an auto-pay program or schedule a seasonal cleaning.

A la carte services are usually more expensive, but they can be beneficial if you want your home to look pristine.Prices for professional house cleaning services vary depending on the type of home and the number of rooms.

Adding in extra cleaning services such as window cleaning, changing bedsheets, and oven and refrigerator cleaning is also an option. These add-on services are listed on your quote sheet, so you’ll know exactly how much they cost. Make sure to ask about those extras before you sign the contract with a cleaning company.

One of the first things you should do before hiring a cleaning service is get a list of references. A reliable company will have a list of references that they have worked with, so you will have a reference to check. You can also ask for a certificate of insurance from a professional company.

A reputable firm will gladly provide you with a copy of its insurance policy. Your insurance agent can also advise you on the appropriate coverage for your home.Another way to find a reputable cleaning service is to ask friends or relatives for recommendations. They may have found one that has consistently delivered top-notch results.

You can also research the best cleaning services in your area on the Internet. The best way to select a reliable company is to ask around. Ask for recommendations and check online reviews before selecting one. A reliable cleaning service will offer excellent services and value their customers. If the company you choose does not have a website, you can always call the company and ask for an estimate.

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